Nobody knows where did they come from, but they are here to stay.

Afghan Hound looks aristocratic, proud and independent without delicacy or roughness. With a head held high and view directed into distance, in depths of past centuries. The surprising distinction of this breed: exotic or Eastern look in the eyes, head covered with long silky hair, excellently drawn hipbones, large paws, thanks to boot-cut leg coat an additional impression of rear angles, originally colored hair makes the Afghan Hound look royal, which exactly corresponds to the position an Afghan Hound traditionally takes among other dogs for centuries.

With such a preamble started standard adopted by American Afghan Hound club in 1948. This is summary of characteristics of a mature Afghan Hound, which are crucial to a genuine Afghan Hound-man and competent expert. People, seeing Afghan Hounds for the first time, rarely pass by expressing no comments. By the way, the reaction of people is immediate, either they are charmed by the elegance of the dog and its unordinary beauty forever, or the distinguishing and comic appearance of the dog repels them. The dog, if willing to acquire new friends, is completely ready to show its welcoming nature though may react in a quite unexpected way.

Pups of Afhan Houng are very special as no other breed has such a temperament and look, which alternates so sharply while growing. The most typical characteristics of the dog build very slowly. Becoming 3 months old, the length of the legs equal the length of the body (a mature Afghan Hound has shape of a square), the short hair thickens and enriches. “Monkey whiskers” start growing at the sides of yet short nose. Such a comic appearance is followed by a unique character – the puppy actually never stops playing rapid care-free games, participating with no fear or tiredness, knocking down its brothers and sisters and also owners giving them wild, unique love…

The becoming owner of the puppy if hoping to see something more than balanced and elegant hound with silky hair will be not only disappointed at seeing the puppy but also will possibly doubt origin of this whiskery downy ball. But this stage of the puppy is integral part of the unique development cycle of an Afghan Hound. At this stage the skeleton grows and develops. The hair is formed, becoming thicker and the shade of the color may change. Slowly the whiskers disappear, the beck acquires a saddle (short fitting hair from shoulder to the beginning of the tail). The significant eastern look appears which we described in the beginning. Afghan Hound is a breed developing slowly and until the age of three they are classified as puppies. Reaching maturity reveals the real beauty and temperament of an Afhan Hound. Keep in mind that the livelier is the puppy, the better its temperament and rapidness, which will distinguish these gorgeous dogs in the ring. Therefore, if you like calm dogs, pick a slow puppy. It is a sin to retard and adapt a rapid puppy to own character. Therefore experienced Afghan Hound men say: “If you want a good show dog, take the most rapid and crazy pup from the litter, as they keep the temperament for all of their lives which the experts and spectators are so fond of.”

Hair of an Afghan Hound is very similar to human hair. Afghan Hounds do not shed their hair – but one exception, when the puppy changes its hair. Therefore you will not have dog hairs at home, but that which you will get from combing the dog. Any coloring of an Afghan Hound is admissible. This breed has an outstanding feature – a coat of an Afghan Hound may change its color during the lifetime. Therefore there is a saying about the breed: while an Afghan Hound lives, it is impossible to detect its color.

Afghan Hounds require walking. In a city an Afghan Hound has to be bridle-reined to a strong tie. By a rapid and strong pull an Afghan Hound may tear a tie, wrench the rivets out, even unbend a weak carbine. For a free run – fenced areas or places with no roads close. For a better growth and development, the puppy should move as much as possible. A mature Afghan Hound has enough of 2 hours daily intensive walks. It is a wrong opinion that an Afghan Hound needs a regular fast long run for tens of kilometers – it can only harm the health of the dog. Lot of thanks to those enthusiasts, who created coursing in Latvia (run after an artificial rabbit in a circle), which is an excellent training to your dog (not only a Hound).

Keep in mind the reason why this breed was created while growing an Afghan Hound. The first step to a successful result – inquiring about the character of the breed followed by detection of the temperament. Brutal use of power while growing an Afghan Hound is strictly inadmissible! These sensitive Hounds will respond only to gentleness, reasonable strictness and enormous patience. The dog is trained at best if the training brings a lot of joy, appraisal and entertainment.

Thanks to a rare combination – passionate hunter and shepherd instincts, the Afghan Hounds in the beginning were favorites of tribe leaders, later favorites of royalties. Born with ability to think and make independent decisions in extreme situations helped the Afghan Hounds to survive historic changes of civilizations. They were present at blossoms of one civilization and destructions of other aiming into future side by side with humans. That is why these dogs feel comfortable both in a simple tent and a luxury castle. They enter a family as equal members. Remember – an Afghan Hound is a golden mean between an absolutely dependent and independent dog. Let’s respect and love them as they are.