mare AMARIKA PATRI ELORAK „Mare” arrived to us from Afghan Hound kennel of Mr.Martin and Mrs.Maija Karole. We cooperate for many years with Carol family by exchanging the pups (mother of Mare was born in Ventspils) but Mare traveled to us from the kennel of Karole family in 1997. Initially we took Mare for participation in shows (both me and my husband we decided that we will not continue breeding Afghan Hounds as we knew how torturing it is to worry for every pup, also the breed is such that not anybody will handle. Therefore we refused to perform breeding activities. Still, man plans, God laughs!

Mare was already 6 years old. There were good results at the shows, titles, and lot of joy to hear from experts- elegant, feminine with a classic Afghan Hound head. We were considering purchasing another pup. We mentioned that to Afghan Hound breeder from Estonia Ms.Galina Anton. And we received an absolutely unexpected reply: “Why should you brought in from somewhere if it is possible to breed a good litter yourselves and retain a pup bred and nursed with care and love!”

A huge role played the fact that Mare at that time occurred to be the only one in whose genes there still remained wonderful lines from the first Afghan Hounds brought in Latvia. We realized that if we refuse to continue, all the work done for years would be lost. By bringing in a new pup we would continue a breeders’ work, but there was one of our own and the hardest time of considerations started because Mare was already 6 years old but never had babies – we had to decide.

As I am chairperson of Ventspils Kennel and manager of breeding works since 1986, I have worked not only with breeds belonging to me, but also acquired serious experience and knowledge. Choosing the right dog to mate Mare, titles played the least role. It was crucial for the dog to be breed typical with characteristics we would like to see in pups, is the pups father a “star” alone or the whole litter will be stable. We wanted to see its pups in order to know how dominant the dog is and evaluations from breed experts. The main importance was the breed lines and origin of the dog. Not all the lines may be mixed! (there happens that both parents have many titles but it does not reflect in their litter). Unfortunately not always a good show dog is a good breeding dog.

Now came the most important. We critically evaluated the becoming mom Mare. It had no importance how many titles she had. Every breed has its own genetic distinctions. Partially a good litter is a gamble. It is similar to gardener, the one with green fingers will bloom a pole. Nature and genetics have their own secrets and rules. Therefore of course choosing a husband to our Mare, we not only relied upon knowledge but also on intuition in order to choose the right combination for the couple.

After all the thoughts and uncertainties, in the hot July of 2003 a litter “H” of small Afghan Hounds were born in our Kennel – 9 pups, 7 bitches and 2 dogs (Amarika Patri Elorak and Olaf Du menuela Galopina). Offsprings of this litter were the ones who urged us to continue the work we had started in breeding Afghan Hounds, founding our own Kennel.

Only when the pups are grown up as genuine Afghan Hounds, we can say that the intuition and knowledge accumulated for many years did not trick us; we are satisfied as the litter was a success.

Thanks to Maija and Martin for Mare.