Our experience in cynology is since 1977. We have been accompanied by wide variety of dog breeds including Basset hounds, colored American Cockerspaniels and Vostochno Yevropeiskaya Ovcharka. Since 1982 all the names of puppies we bred were prefixed with VENDI.
The mysterious Eastern pearls Afghan HOUNDSwon the hearts of our family in 1989 by domino colored bitch BIS BARSELONA edem del KRISS. followed by black spotted IVETTA LUSTELLA and elegantly feminine AMARIKA PATRI ELORAK.
From the mating in 2003 (Amarika Patri Elorak and Olaf Du Menuel Galopin) our family was joined by two more Afghan Hound sisters SISE and ZITA. The pups from this litter are Afghan Hounds bred by us in 4th generation.

In 2007 we raised our 5th Afghan hound generation from the mating in Sweden (HIZER SPARKLING VINE VENDI X BOXADAN NEVER ENDING STORM) and the little MONA (VENDI MAR AMBER FLYING ANGEL) joined our Afghan hound family.

We regard Jolanta Kuznetsova as the owner of our kennel. In 2003 VENDIJA (HELLI SEE KISS VENDI) moved to Jolanta from our home. In 2007 NIKA (VENDI MAR ANNIKA AMBER LADY) joined Vendija and PATRIKS (T-HIRTEEN MILE GOOD BYE) travelled from Norway. From the mating with WAITING ON A SUNNY DAY in 2009, the blond LONDA (LITTLE WHITE LIES VEDIMAR VENDI) joined Jolanta’s Afghan hound family. We are very happy since the co-ownership puppy LEXA (LIGHT MY FIRE VENDIMAR VENDI) from this litter joined our kennel. Lexa lives now in the family of Ms.Gunta, Ms.Monta, Mr.Viesturs Bērziņi.

We would like to thank Jolanta for Vendija’s pups carrying on the „Vendi Mar” name. Therefore you are welcome to introduce all the Vendimarians at our home page. We support and promote them, and we share the joy of their achievements and naughtiness as well.

Thanks to the support of breed enthusiasts Mrs. Maija and Mr. Martin Karole, using the dogs they had brought from Canada, we have managed to keep and improve great lines of Afghan Hounds in our Kennel. And of course thanks to the care and love, the owners of the pups had grown perspective Afghan Hounds appreciated by many experts. It stimulated us to register Afghan Hound Kennel – V E N D I M A R in Latvian Cynological Federation, FCI..
Interpretation of the name of our Kennel VEN – Ventspils DI – Diana Mar – honoring our Mare (AMARIKA Patri Elorak).
We would like to thank all the lovers of the breed, the Afghan Hound-men for their devotion to these wonderful mysterious dogs endowed with incomparable grace (maybe sometimes a bit horned)- the Afghan Hounds.
We would like to give special thanks to Mr. Maris and Mrs. Arina Plume for their being at the right time and the right place. Also thank Lida and Karole family for good advices and professional support and also breed experts whose estimation was the strongest impulse to continue the work, personally to Espen Engh. Nevertheless, the largest gratitude to all the present and future owners of our pups, thanks for having you and believing in us.

We are on the right wave!!!